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The Truth About The Vaccine

The amount of doctors that have been targeted and censored by the establishment elites should alarm everyone that cares about the "science". The current elites don't care about us. Now they want us to take this rushed injection for our health and they censor/ban any credible and authentic scientist who speaks out against their injection? No one should believe them, but speculation is not enough for some. I'm here to bring you the facts they don't want you to know.

- Franco Aurelio

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The vaccine does not stop transmission OR infection, it just lessens symptoms like every other drug. If anything, it's more like a therapeutic. Research shows that the vaccinated are just as likely to spread the virus as unvaccinated people despite what some headlines want you to think. People who get vaccinated are probably MORE likely to spread the virus. In Germany, more than 79% of Omicron were from the fully vaccinated and keep in mind that the 21% of unvaccinated in the rep6ort include people that have gotten vaccinated, but not fully like the 79%. Even Israel, being the #1 country in the world to get the majority of their citizens vaccinated saw an astronomical surge in infections. Africa has very low vaccination rates and their COVID death rates are far far lower than Europe and the US. This is not surprising. Even the World Health Organization had to recognize this. “Though fewer than 6 percent of Africans are vaccinated and residents of many countries do not wear masks regularly, the World Health Organization has described Africa as "one of the least affected regions in the world." 

Why I Made This Series

This whole project got started from a situation that made me very angry.

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